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            Defense, Space & Security is one of The Boeing Company’s [NYSE:BA] three business units. The world’s second-largest defense company, its strategy is to help customers meet mission requirements from the sea bed to outer space and to lead in six key markets: Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Military Rotorcraft, Human Space Exploration, Satellites, Autonomous Systems and Services. Its organization structure reflects this strategy through its eight divisions:

            • Autonomous Systems – Develops and produces remotely piloted aircraft and submersibles. Manages Boeing’s Insitu and Liquid Robotics subsidiaries.
            • Commercial Derivative Aircraft – Develops products for global military and government customers based on proven commercial platforms including Boeing’s world-class 7-series aircraft.
            • Global Operations – Leads Defense, Space & Security’s international subsidiaries (Boeing Defence Australia, Boeing Defence India, Boeing Defense Saudi Arabia, Boeing Defence United Kingdom) while seeking opportunities for additional global growth.
            • Missile and Weapon Systems – Manages Boeing’s portfolio of strategic missile and defense systems and weapons systems.
            • Phantom Works – Creates and advances new products and capabilities by drawing on its expertise in innovation, advanced experimentation and prototyping.
            • Space and Launch – The world’s largest satellite manufacturer also offering other space and intelligence systems. The division houses Boeing’s more than 60 years of space exploration expertise and manages Boeing’s share of United Launch Alliance and United Space Alliance.
            • Strike, Surveillance and Mobility – Manages Boeing’s current and future portfolio of fixed-wing military and surveillance aircraft, including fighters and commercial derivitave platforms, and support of key platforms such as the executive transport fleet, which includes VC-25 (Air Force One).
            • Vertical Lift – The world’s largest provider of military rotorcraft with a diverse portfolio of cargo, tiltrotor and attack platforms.

            Led by President and CEO Leanne Caret, the business is based in Arlington, Va.

            Download the full Boeing Defense, Space & Security Backgrounder.

            Executive Biographies

            Leanne Caret Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company
            President, and Chief Executive Officer, Defense, Space & Security
            Mark C. Cherry Vice President and General Manager, Phantom Works, Defense, Space & Security
            James H. Chilton Senior Vice President, Space and Launch, Defense, Space & Security
            Todd Citron, Ph.D. Vice President, Engineering, Defense, Space & Security
            Scott G. Drach Vice President, Human Resources, Defense, Space & Security
            Ursula English Vice President, Manufacturing, Safety and Quality, Defense, Space & Security
            Denise Russell Fleming Vice President, Information Technology Business Partners, Defense, Space & Security
            Rik Geiersbach Vice President, Strategy, Defense, Space & Security
            Carol Hibbard Vice President, Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Defense, Space & Security
            Anna Keeling Managing Director, Boeing Defence UK Ltd., Defense, Space & Security
            David M. Koopersmith Vice President and General Manager, Vertical Lift Division
            Senior Site Executive, Boeing Philadelphia, Defense, Space & Security
            Shelley K. Lavender Senior Vice President, Strike, Surveillance and Mobility
            St. Louis Senior Executive, Defense, Space & Security
            Tony Martin Vice President of Total Quality, Defense, Space & Security
            Jenna McMullin Vice President, Communications, Defense, Space & Security
            Timothy (Tim) Peters Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Defense, Space & Security
            John (Jake) R. Phillips Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Defense, Space & Security
            Kristin A. Robertson Vice President and General Manager, Autonomous Systems, Defense, Space & Security
            Jeff Shockey Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Defense, Space & Security
            Torbjorn (Turbo) Sjogren Vice President, International Government and Defence
            Scott C. Strode Vice President, Supply Chain, Defense, Space & Security
            Norm E. Tew Vice President and General Manager, Missile and Weapon Systems, Defense, Space & Security
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