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            Who we are

            By leveraging the power of the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing HorizonX applies its momentum to new business ventures to unlock the next generation of game-changing ideas, products, and markets. From investment capital to technology commercialization and market access, Boeing HorizonX turns new ideas and businesses into reality.

            Boeing HorizonX includes three key teams that work in harmony, each tuned to meet the specific demands of new business investments, key partnerships, and disruptive market strategies.

            Boeing HorizonX Ventures

            Our investment team focuses on identifying startups developing revolutionary concepts around the world. Bringing together a diverse background of Boeing knowledge and larger market experience, the Ventures team provides funding to chosen startups, connecting them with our global network of Boeing resources to get their ideas off the ground. Have a winning idea for the next big thing? Learn more about working with Boeing HorizonX Ventures.

            Market Development

            The Market Development team brings their expertise to build global-growth strategies through the development of nontraditional partnerships. Market Development introduces new capabilities to current markets, and current capabilities to new markets, like no one else can.

            Disruptive Horizons

            The Disruptive Horizons team identifies alternative approaches to traditional business opportunities, working across technologies and business models to develop concepts that will change the future. By hosting internal and external accelerator and incubator programs, as well as leveraging Boeing’s research and technology resources, Disruptive Horizons brings over a century of business insights to launch disruptive markets and businesses.

            Why Boeing

            The power of Boeing. Unlocked.

            For over a century, we've been making the impossible possible. As the world’s leader in aerospace development, we enable our partners with access to knowledge, people, and resources found nowhere else.

            • From the seafloor to the edge of space, Boeing is uniquely capable of integrating complex data sets and providing valuable insights to solve the hardest problems facing society today.
            • To build the best products, you need the best people. Boeing’s network includes thousands of engineers, including many world-recognized Technical Fellows who bring our products, and our partners, to the next level.
            • Our state-of-the-art facilities include hundreds of laboratories and the latest technology, enabling our partners to help build the future right along with us.

            Where we are

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            Work with us

            New investments and partnerships

            Boeing HorizonX focuses on companies that are developing transformative technologies, innovative manufacturing methods, and new business models.

            We work across the spectrum from seed and early stages to mid, growth, and late stage, partnering with founders who are committed and capable of driving growth and commercialization. Whether successful experiments or minimum viable products, we are eager to explore what's possible together.

            To be considered by Boeing HorizonX, fill out the form below.

            * denotes required field

            Please briefly describe your business.*

            Disclaimer: I acknowledge that I will not submit any confidential or proprietary ideas, information, technology, proposals, or any other intellectual property (“Confidential Data”) via this forum. We will assume that all information you submit is publically available and not confidential or proprietary. We cannot accept Confidential Data, and if you send Confidential Data, we will not evaluate it. The exchange of Confidential Data requires a formal, written nondisclosure agreement with Boeing.

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