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            Designed to offer mission flexibility, the C-40A is a versatile FAA-certified 737-700 convertible / "combi" aircraft, optimized to transport passengers and cargo around the globe. The aircraft can be configured to carry all-passengers, all-cargo, or a combination of both. The C-40A is part of Boeing's C-40 series of aircraft, which also includes the C-40B and C-40C. The C-40A is currently on offer as the C-40Ai to countries around the world.

            Download the C-40Ai Product Card

            Flexibility to Meet the Mission

            C-40A Technical Specifications

            Engines Advanced-technology CFM56-7
            Maximum Sea-Level Static Thrust Performance 24,000 lbs
            Maximum Gross Weight: Takeoff 171,000 lbs
            Maximum Gross Weight: Landing 134,000 lbs
            Maximum Gross Weight: Zero fuel 126,000 lbs
            Fuel Capacity 6,875 gal
            Lower Hold Cargo Volume 885 cu Ft
            Schedule Reliability 99.58%
            Range 3,200-nmi (121 passengers, or 36,000-lb main deck cargo, or 70 passengers/15,000-lb in combi configuration)
            Cruise Speed 0.78 Mach to 0.82 Mach
            Altitude Capability 41,000 ft
            Extended Operations (ETOPS) 180 min

            C-40A Customers

            The U.S. Navy Reserve operates 14 C-40As with a fifteenth aircraft scheduled for 2016 delivery.

            • United States flag

              United States

            C-40A Quick Facts

            Boeing delivers its 737-700C aircraft from Renton, Wash., to San Antonio, where an FAA-certified modification creates the C-40A. The U.S. Naval Reserve operates and maintains the C-40A at five air bases:

            • NAS Oceana, Va.
            • NAS North Island, Calif.
            • NAS Jacksonville, Fla.
            • NAS JRB Ft. Worth, Texas
            • NAS Whidbey Island, Wash.
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