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            Boeing's MQ-25 is ready


            Boeing is bringing the future of unmanned aircraft carrier aviation to the U.S. Navy with its MQ-25. An unmanned aircraft system designed for the U.S. Navy mission, it will provide the needed robust refueling capability thereby extending the combat range of deployed Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, Boeing EA-18G Growler, and Lockheed Martin F-35C fighters.

            Our aircraft is ready for the mission, the flight deck and the U.S. Navy. Boeing has been delivering carrier aircraft to the Navy for more than 90 years – we know the flight deck. Our MQ-25 brings the right combination of refueling, autonomy, and seamless carrier deck integration to deliver a solution that meets the U.S. Navy’s goals: put a low-cost unmanned aerial refueling aircraft on the flight deck as soon as possible.

            Boeing’s MQ-25 is ready.

            Ready for the Mission


            Extending the carrier air wing reach

            • On Aug. 30, 2018, the U.S. Navy awarded Boeing an $805 million contract to build the MQ-25, the Navy’s first operational carrier-based unmanned aircraft.
            • MQ-25 is designed to provide the U.S. Navy with a much-needed refueling capability, allowing for better use of combat strike fighters by extending the range of deployed Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet, Boeing EA-18G Growler, and Lockheed Martin F-35C aircraft.
            • Under the engineering and manufacturing development contract, Boeing will provide four aircraft.

              Ready for the Flight Deck


              Delivering unmatched carrier flight deck experience

              • Boeing has been delivering carrier aircraft to the U.S. Navy for more than 90 years. We know carrier operations and can provide seamless integration with existing systems.
              • Boeing’s carrier heritage stretches back to the 1930s Douglas TBD Devastator to today’s latest-generation F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.
              • We’ve applied all of that experience to our MQ-25 aircraft, bringing the best Boeing has to offer to the U.S. Navy once again.

              Ready for the Navy


              Accelerating aerial refueling capabilities

              • We are ready to execute to an aggressive schedule to deliver unmatched carrier flight deck experience.
              • We are preparing for flight testing with our MQ-25 EMD test asset that will fly in 2019.
              • This aircraft will help accelerate the MQ-25 EMD program, allowing for early learning and discovery to advance the development of major systems and software.

              Industry Team


              The MQ-25 Industry Team is all-in on delivering this vital aerial refueling capability to help the U.S. Navy extend the range of the carrier air wing. The industry team includes:

              • Aitech Defense Systems
              • BAE Systems
              • Collins Aerospace
              • Cox & Company
              • Crane Aerospace & Electronics
              • Cubic
              • Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
              • GE
              • Harris Corporation
              • Héroux-Devtek
              • Honeywell
              • Innovative Power Solutions
              • L3 Commercial Aviation
              • Moog Aircraft Group
              • Parker Hannifin
              • Raytheon
              • Rolls-Royce
              • Triumph Group


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