Diameter 17 in to 25.3 in

Length 71 in to 143 in
Weight 285 lbs to 1,460 lbs
Diameter 7.5 in to 16 in

Length 152 in to 182 in
Weight 1,160 lbs to 1,523 lbs
Diameter 13.5 in

Length 172 in
Weight 1,473 lbs
Diameter 13.5 in












Quick Facts

  • More than 260,000 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance kits have been built at Boeing’s award-winning, modern production facility in St. Charles, Mo.
  • 10,000 laser JDAMs kits have also been manufactured in the same facility.
  • Since production started in 1998, every single JDAM has been delivered on time and on cost.
  • JDAMs have been extensively combat-proven by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marines and numerous international-allied forces.
  • Boeing has been building and upgrading the Harpoon Weapon System for over 40 years. The Block II Harpoon was introduced in 2001.
  • Harpoon Block II missiles are used by 30 international allies.
  • More than 600 ships, 180 submarines, 12 different types of aircraft and land-based launch vehicles carry Harpoon missiles today.
  • Boeing has built more than 17,000 Small Diameter Bombs.
  • SDB is used by the U.S. Air Force and seven foreign military allies.