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            A Foundation of Innovation

            Over the past century, generations of talented Boeing employees helped build the world’s largest aerospace company—and shaped the course of history along the way. The Boeing Vision is an expression of our company’s purpose and values, designed to inspire and focus all employees on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.

            Our Vision

            Purpose and Mission: Connect, Protect, Explore and Inspire the World through Aerospace Innovation

            Aspiration: Best in Aerospace and Enduring Global Industrial Champion

            Enterprise Strategy:

            • Operate as One Boeing
            • Build Strength on Strength
            • Sharpen and Accelerate to Win

            2025 Goals:

            • Market Leadership
            • Top-quartile Performance and Returns
            • Growth Fueled by Productivity
            • Design, Manufacturing, Services Excellence
            • Accelerated Innovation
            • Global Scale and Depth
            • Best Team, Talent and Leaders
            • Top Corporate Citizen

            Enduring Values

            At Boeing, we are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also serve as guideposts to help us become the company we would like to be. And we aspire to live these values every day.

            • Integrity
              We take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards and honoring our commitments. We take personal responsibility for our own actions.
            • Quality
              We strive for first-time quality and continuous improvement in all that we do to meet or exceed the standards of excellence stakeholders expect of us.
            • Safety
              We value human life and well-being above all else and take action accordingly. We believe all incidents, injuries and workplace illnesses are preventable. We are personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for each other's safety. By committing to safety first, we advance our goals for quality, cost, and schedule.
            • Diversity & Inclusion
              We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team. We foster a collaborative workplace that engages all employees in finding solutions for our customers that advance our common business objectives.
            • Trust & Respect
              We act with integrity, consistency, and honesty in all that we do. We value a culture of openness and inclusion in which everyone is treated fairly and where everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
            • Corporate Citizenship
              We are a responsible partner, neighbor and citizen to the diverse communities and customers we serve. We promote the health and wellbeing of Boeing people, their families and our communities. We protect the environment. We volunteer and financially support education and other worthy causes.
            • Stakeholder Success
              By operating profitably and with integrity, we provide customers with best-value innovation and a competitive edge in their own markets; enable employees to work in a safe, ethical environment, with a highly attractive and competitive mix of pay and benefits, and the ability to further share in the company's success; reward investors with increasing shareholder value; conduct business lawfully and ethically with our suppliers; and help to strengthen communities around the world.

            Boeing Behaviors

            • Lead with courage and passion
            • Make customer priorities our own
            • Invest in our team and empower each other
            • Win with speed, agility and scale
            • Collaborate with candor and honesty
            • Reach higher, embrace change and learn from failure
            • Deliver results with excellence – Live the Enduring Values

            Business Imperative: Deliver Superior Value to Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Communities and Partners

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