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            Aerospace connectivity image

            Faster access to critical information
            Better decisions - Better outcomes

            Achieving your full ‘information advantage’ potential requires complete, end-to-end capability. Users need uninterrupted connectivity anywhere. They need the ability to manage and secure their access and adjust on the fly. They need the right tools to turn their data into better decisions and more effective solutions.

            Agencies with the greatest need for information-anywhere capabilities are partnering with Boeing. We turn data into actionable insights faster. Our unique ability to combine sensor data collection, digital satellite transmission, purpose-built analytics and unmatched aerospace engineering delivers richer, more contextual data in less time for superior decisions and faster response.

            • Open systems
            • Fleet health solutions
            • Mission effectiveness applications
            • World class aero integration
            • Multi-platform Commonality

            For More Information How Boeing Can Help Connect Your Mission Solutions click here.


            Boeing Satellite Services

            Secure information assurance

            Boeing Mission Solutions are optimized to work with multiple networks across different satellites bands. This helps insure greater access to information wherever and whenever you need it.

            In addition to integration of WGS and commercial networks, Boeing can provide worldwide access of high throughput Ka bandwidth through the Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS). BCSS offers all digital, ultra-high speed, highly secure bandwidth with discounted pricing options for bundled solutions.

            For more mission-focused services that meet readiness, deliver reliability and provide affordability click here.


            • Anywhere, all the time access via combined Ka, Ku, L and S band satellite bandwidth
            • Integrated COTM Antenna
            • Multi-channel terminals to seamlessly switch between military and commercial service providers
            • Purpose built applications
            • Unique engineering understanding and insight
            • Single vendor access for fewer potential points of failure
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